Secondary Excavation Site B - 'Water Cave'
Project Lifespan: December 5, 1990 - February 20, 1992
Elevated Caste signatory Eloff Carpenter

Nature: Excavation

Purpose: to locate and retrieve xeno evidence and artefacts, in support of main site activity

Elevated Caste: 0
- project not deemed critical enough for elevated presence

Chief Attending Chemist: Troy Retonesque
- Replaced September 12, 1991 with Neil Oswald
- inexcusable conduct

December 8, 1991: Substance 63
- confirmed as the primary material used in construction of the 'Persona Tardus' artefacts, and the first new (non-periodic table) substance to be discovered by the Archaic for 18 months

January 6, 1992: Artefact 66b
- another artefact discovered, and effects catalogued
- research teams continue to flail at a purpose for these mechanisms
- all symptoms manifested by research teams in contact with the artefacts conform to our initial hypothesis regarding their nature

- Man Weeks: 519
- Materials: $12,192
- Medical: $39,000
- Casualties: industrial accidents (3, below Archaic acceptable max); exhaustion (13); fatalities (2)

Additional Notes
Report filed concerning a potential saboteur, following multiple mechanical losses and thefts, particularly of radio equipment.

- Theory: dehydration as a cause of exhaustion, leading to misconduct (debunked)
- Theory: missing miner Tom Redwood still within mining facility (open)

Final Status
- closed: hostile local fauna levels uneconomic