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The Protagonist opening the hatch to The Facility.

The Facility is the main and only playable location in Penumbra. It can be considered the original form of The Shelter from the Penumbra Series, being located somewhere in Greenland and being discovered by the Protagonist after receiving a letter from his late father.

Description Edit

A mysterious facility hidden in the frozen wastes of Northern Greenland, the purpose and depth of The Facility is unknown, as the protagonist never goes farther than the heavy door leading to Level 2.

In appearance, the facility looks like an old, decrepit base of some kind, possibly a Cold War bunker, and uses outdated technology.

A ventilation system allows the player access all rooms on Level 1, with the exception of the bathroom. When the player tries using the hatch tool on the bathroom vent, the nameless protagonist will say "Damn, the lock seems to have rusted shut." Interestingly, the wall near the hatch is distorted, as if it was somehow grabbed and pulled inwards.

Layout Edit