Temple Operation is a note documenting the Tuurngait Tomb, the primary excavation project of Shelter Research Station, Greenland.

Transcription Edit

Primary Excavation - 'Tuurngait Tomb'
Project Lifespan: March 3, 2000 - present
Chief Overseer Wilbur Frisk

Previous Nature: Excavation

Current Nature: Xeno Research

Background: The Primary Excavation Site is the central pursuit of the Archaic at Shelter Greenland. The site lies beneath the Shelter facility, and, as of 2000, has been underway for almost 25 years. On March 3, 2000, a tomb was discovered.

Current Purpose: understanding the tomb and its contents

The bulk of work is the responsibility of the language team, ie Chief Translator Howard LaFresque. His findings so far are as follows:
- The tomb was the home of some form of ancient organism
- The organism may have been quarantined
- The term 'Tuurngait' is derived from Inuit legend concerning evil spirits
- LaFresque recommends immediate suspension of Primary Excavation operation

- Man Weeks: approx 27,396
- Materials: approx $53m

Scheduled Operations as of April 27, 2000
- Tomb Investigation (May 1, 2000): a team will unseal the tomb for standard series probe tests. Operation opposed by Howard LaFresque. Opposition overruled by Wilbur Frisk, and scheduled for May 1, 2000.

Final Status
- Open