KNR, Monday 7th June 1993
Minor Land Collapse in North-Western Mountain Range
Seismologists, on placement from the mainland, reported yesterday that a small area of tundra, about 100 square metres, collapsed into a cavity beneath the surface of the snow. The land was uninhabited.
The area in question is part of the North-Western Mountain Range, and the collapse was only noticed due to its coinciding with the arrival of an annual seismic survey team.
Experts have suggested natural cavities in the earth's crust as the cause of the collapse, although due to its vicinity to an old system of mines from the 1970s, they have not ruled out the possiblity of some kind of delayed explosion or other seismic activity. The probability that the mine is to blame for the event, however, is low, since it is very unlikely that activity on the scale observed could occur without some kind of human interference below the surface.
Ann Dixon