Patient Notes: Derren Grey
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Nationality: AUS
Role: Excavation Team

First Symptoms - patient reported mild disorientation, and was asked to lie down. Mild sedatives administered.

Hour 3 - patient develops a rash on his neck (possible infection entry point?)

Hour 4 - Two out of three full symptoms manifested. Deja vu (patient reports that he has already undergone standard tests, when I am the only one who could have administered them). Paranoia (said testing is abhorrent to the patient). I have no doubt that the third sympton, aural distortion, will take hold within the next thirty minutes. Abnormal noises, even disembodied voices and alternate personalities are commonly reported in other infected staff.

Hour 6 - patient secured, as per Archaic standard procedure. Bolted the bastard down myself - we can't protect ourselves from infection, but we can take precautions with the infected.

Hour 7 - patient pronounced expired by common consent of all those present. Expiration was caused by an overdose of insulin. I administered the dose myself at 06:12 - death did not occur for a further thirteen minutes, three times the expected figure. I wonder to what extent Grey could still be considered a man?