biographical information
Sex: Male
Age: Unidentified
Status: Cut
Appears: Penumbra

The Hunter was a cut enemy that was intended for Penumbra. Its removal ultimately made the Roach the only enemy to appear in the tech demo.


In appearance, it looks like a combination of a spider, a dog and a human. Their back legs are jointed in the opposite direction of a human's, but their forelegs are jointed normally. As it never made it into the tech demo beyond a model and possibly early AI tests, it is unknown what kind of sounds or behaviors the Hunter would've had.

Much like the Roach, it is unknown if it were created in a lower level of the facility that is never seen, or if it inhabited the underground area the facility was built around.


Although the Hunter was ultimately scrapped, Wilbur Frisk, who is inhabiting the kennels in Penumbra: Black Plague, is believed to have been transformed into a creature similar to the Hunter, as Eloff Carpenter noting Frisk's unnatural new form in his notes, Frisk digging and hiding in tunnels that lead to other locations, and improved senses, such as Frisk being able to stay out of Philip Buchanon's sight when Philip enters the kennels allowing Frisk to easily overpower and kill him, are all abilities that the Hunter's abnormal form could provide. The noises and behavior Frisk displays could also, in turn, help discern what the Hunter would've been like.


  • It is possible through modding to replace the first two Tuurngait Infected in Black Plague with Hunter models, though the sounds are the same as the normal Infected, and the front limbs falter due to animation glitches.
  • In an official screenshot released shortly before the tech demo, the Hunter can be seen in a room that looks nearly identical to the first room in the tech demo. It it possible this room could've been what was originally behind the door that went to level 2 of the facility.
  • It is believed that the Hunter can be heard breathing inside a locked bathroom in the same area where the first Roach appears. Oddly enough, this sound is later heard during the scene after the protagonist exits the workshop.