Steelberg Generator Type 7-G

Congratulations on your purchase from the Type 7 product line. We are certain that you will be pleased with your new petrol driven electrical backup system. Below are highlighted just a few of the added and improved features of the 7-G model:

- Avoid personal wear and tear: the wind-up startup motor has been replaced with a battery-driven unit.

- Grease in the industrial workplace can be an accident inducing, insurance nightmare, so enjoy the new increased grease control system.

- Electrical insulation can be expensive to install and maintain, so the economical 7-G basic model arrives without.

- And much, much more.

Quick Start Guide:

1. Ensure the area surrounding the 7-G is clear of equipment and personnel, in case of overheating.

2. Connect and confirm secondary flow by turning appropriate valve.

3. Turn on cooling system to avoid overheating.

4. Release excess steam, until pressure is within safe limits.

5. Begin grease flow, ensuring leakage is minimal.

6. Turn main valve and confirm primary flow.

7. Pull main operation lever.

8. Check energy output - your unit should now be fully functional.