12 Jan '72

Boys, I'd come have a word with you myself, but I've got more important things to do than piss about making sure you're all doing your jobs properly.
Now, I know there's a certain amount of camaraderie between you lot, playing pranks and jokes on each other: it comes with the territory, and that's fine, so long as you don't add me to your list. God knows, you need something to keep you entertained down here. However, you all know full well that Penrose has some very deep seated issues with his height, so anyone who thought it'd be a good idea to sabotage his generator, then hide all the spare fuses on the top shelf in the store room would quite clearly need his head examined, you get me?
In other news, Jones, I want that inventory done yesterday. And the rest of you, it’s not all fun and games, you hear? On a serious note, another radio's gone missing. And you'd better hope to god that means one of you's lost it, because stealing ain't a pretty word in my book. It's the third one this month, which means the amnesty on coming clean is fast coming to a close. Then there'll be repercussions, got it?
What's strange is, you're all supposed to be working in pairs, so nobody should be able to get their hands on a radio without the other spotting it. When I find out who's responsible, I'm gonna find out how they got away with it so long, then I'm gonna fling them out into the snow and leave 'em there. They'll just disappear into the night, just like all those radios.
Lead mine Foreman